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Frequently Asked Questions ~ Virtual Workout

How long is the workout MP3 recording?
It's 17 minutes from start to end.

How often should I listen to it?

Ideally you should listen to it every day, as repetition will help to compound any effects from the suggestions and visualizations.

What equipment will I need?
Just a device to download and play the MP3 recording. Preferably with earphones.

One of the exercises is skipping, but I don't have a skipping rope, what do I do?
They are virtual exercises that you visualize.

Can I use it while driving?

Definitely not! This is a hypnosis based recording that should only be used while relaxing on a bed or armchair with your eyes closed.

What is hypnosis?
It's a state of altered awareness somewhere between being awake and asleep.
Just think of it as deep relaxation.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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