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Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions ~ Virtual Workout

In accessing and using the Virtual Workout recording and its accompanying documents, the user agrees that he/she alone is responsible for his/her own thoughts, words and actions - and any choices and consequences regarding interpretation and application of any of the content. The owners of virtualworkout.co and anyone connected with them in any way will not be held responsible or liable in any way for any negative or unforeseen results.

The Virtual Workout recording is not a substitute for any medical, psychological, or psychiatric care, advice, or treatment.  If you have a medical, psychological or psychiatric illness or condition, you should consult a medical, psychological or psychiatric professional in the first instance.  The information provided on this recording is suggestion only and should not be used to replace the diagnosis, prevention, or cure of any disease or any other medical, psychological or psychiatric illness or condition; or used to replace any care, advice, or treatment provided by any medical, psychological or psychiatric professional. 
The owners of virtualworkout.co offer no guarantees whatsoever conected with their products. Individual results may vary.

This recording is not designed for weight loss. Weight loss takes time and effort to be successful. People should seek professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

All recordings and information sheets provided by virtualworkout.co are protected by international copyright laws.  It is illegal to reproduce, copy, or share without written permission from virtualworkout.co - other than: Legitimate purchasers are permitted to make a single backup copy of each file purchased from virtualworkout.co

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