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About Virtual Workout

What does a good golfer think about when he takes a shot? 
Well, he could imagine his ball landing out of bounds, but he's probably visualizing it landing exactly where he wants it to land. His mental picture has created a certain expectation and provided him with some extra muscle memory of taking a great shot.  So he's then much more likely to achieve the result he actually wanted.  His mind and body are working together!

Our Virtual Workout MP3 recording works in a similar way.

he more you visualize doing something, the more your body thinks it is actually doing it and responds accordingly.  So repeatedly visualizing yourself performing a certain exercise may actually mentally affect your physical body’s muscle memory.  In other words, you are influencing your general body fitness with the power of your mind.

Once you have purchased your MP3 recording, you will immediately receive an email containing a download link for the
MP3 audio file and the PDF Instructions.  When you have received the download, please read the Instruction file carefully - before listening to the MP3 audio.

You should ideally listen to your MP3 audio on a daily basis, while relaxing on a bed or comfortable armchair.  The more relaxed you are and the more often you listen to it, the more the suggestions are compounded in your mind.

After the hypnosis induction (relaxation) at the beginning of the recording, you will be taken through a series of exercise visualizations.  As you imagine doing each one of these exercises, you will be creating mental memories, which will then influence muscle memories.

And the best part is, it will all be happening while you're relaxed. 

  The Virtual Workout Exercises ~ with Real Benefits

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